Live workshops for
groups of stallholders
Online workshops for
individual stallholders
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start-up stallholders

Welcome to Events and Markets Australia

Events and Markets Australia helps stallholders sell more on event day.  

We offer live workshops for groups of stallholders, an
online workshop for individual stallholders and an
e-book for start up stallholders. 

Market Stall E-Book
The Stallholder E-Book is tailored for intermediate stallholders who want the 101 on successful stall operations, or experienced stallholders who want to keep up to date with industry standards. E-Book topics include stall licences and permits, product safety compliance, public liability insurance, waste management, testing and tagging, industry terminology and much more. 

Events and Markets Australia Workshops

Market Stall E-Workshop
The Stallholder E-Workshop is tailored for stallholders who have experience exhibiting at events and markets but want to take their stall to the next level. E-Workshop content has a strategic focus and shows stallholders how to increase stall revenue - on and after event day, build brand awareness, achieve a positive return on investment and much more.

Events and Markets Australia Workshops

Live Market Stall Workshops
In addition to producing the Stallholder E-Book and E-Workshop, the team from Events and Markets Australia also facilitate live stall holder workshops for government organisations, industry associations, community groups and market managers. 

Events and Markets Australia Workshops