Live Workshops

In addition to producing the Stallholder E-Book and E-Workshop, the team from Events and Markets Australia also facilitate group stallholder workshops for government organisations, industry associations, community groups and market managers who want to engage with local stallholders and business communities. 

Session topics are customised to meet participants' requirements and can be tailored to specific regions.

Popular topics include:

  • Stall planning must haves to achieve a positive return on investment
  • How to use a marketing funnel in a stall environment
  • How to sell to event attendees on AND after event day – including generating sales for bricks and mortar stores, online shops or social media platforms
  • Where to find information about the required stall licensing, permits and requirements
  • Tools to overcome the top 5 challenges faced by stallholders
  • How to evaluate stall success, work with and support local organisers
  • Where to find out about upcoming events in the region

Organisers can choose to include these topics or select additional/alternative topics to meet the attendees needs. Sessions will leave attendees engaged with their local event and market scene, informed of upcoming events and equipped to produce a successful stall on event day. 

Live workshops are facilitated by the Events and Markets Australia Managing Director, Nat Buckingham - an award winning marketing and event specialist with over a decade of industry experience as a stallholder, market manager and Economic Development officer.

For more information about the Events and Markets Australia live stallholder workshops, please contact us.