Market Organisers - Market Stall Workshop

The team from Events and Markets Australia facilitate the Market Stall Workshop for event and market managers, Council business communities, government organisations, industry associations and community groups to engage with local traders and help increase the quality of stalls and participation levels at local events and markets.

The 2019 – 2020 Market Stall Workshop is tailored for stallholders who have some experience producing stalls at events but want to increase their marketing knowledge, sales and profits. The interactive session will show participants how to:

  1. Increase profits - by developing a sales strategy and financial plan
  2. Cut through to the right audience – by creating a marketing funnel
  3. Improve brand and product awareness – by implementing marketing funnel activities
  4. Use a stall to increase customers for a bricks and mortar store, online shop, website or social media platforms
  5. Increase sales – by strategically selling to event attendees on AND after event day.

Organisers can also elect to include some additional topics relevant to their audience or select from the below:

  1. Where to find government guides on stall licencing and permits
  2. How to find out about upcoming events in the area
  3. Complying with food preparation guides, handling and sales
  4. Education of waste management requirements
  5. How to evaluate stall success and work cohesively with event managers

Topic inclusions will be dependant on the workshop delivery booked – express 2 hour sessions, half day and full day delivery is available.For more information about facilitating a Group Market Stall Workshop, please contact us.